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JNGL’s unique artistic style is available for commissioned artwork and commercial work for hire to develop the image and identity of our client and their products. His extensive skills range from fine art, illustration, sculpture, murals, live painting, tattooing, installation, character development, logo and product design. His creativity, talents and ideas are available to you for projects that cross the line between fine art and commercial work for hire such as character design and development, illustration, print and flyer design, product and packaging design, designer toys, apparel, accessories, stationary and more!

Whether for private collectors or commercial clients, his ability to create stylized works, unique characters and worlds with rich story lines is comparable to none. JNGL’s endless drive and ability seem to always over-exceed the expectations of all of our collectors,partners and clients.

Born in Costa Rica in 1983, Miami raised artist Andres Carmiol aka JNGL (juhng-guhl) has dabbled in the arts since childhood. His artistic upbringing has roots in graffiti, as well as his early start as a tattoo artist during his teens. He then went on to obtain an A.A. in Fine Arts from Miami-Dade College.

JNGL is also a Dj, which he claims as a constant source of inspiration for his work, “I believe that music and art go hand in hand, like left and right. One inspires the other, they constantly revolve around each other, music inspires art-art inspires music.”

Not only does he draw inspiration from music but also from nature, life, death, social ills, cartoons, video-games, pop culture, religious iconography as well as Mexican and Asian culture. JNGL’s aka spawned from his life and travels which were at a constant contrast, from the jungles of Costa Rica, to the concrete jungle that is Miami-Dade County.

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Resident Artist at The Hive Gallery

The Hive Gallery & Studios
729 South Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 9001

I have a studio space over at the wonderful Hive Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles’ Gallery Row. My artwork is always up for viewing during the galleries regular working hours. Also, I am usually present during openings and sometimes during Downtown Art Walk events which take place every second Thursday of each month. I recommend visiting the Art Walk, I’m usually available for sales or inquiries. Come by and say hello!