JNGL Booth at Florida Super Con, Miami 2013

June 3rd, 2015

I gotta say, I had a great experience at Super Con! It was a 4 day event filled with comic books, video games, anime, really good cosplay and enough merch to melt your credit card. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes aka Jay & Silent Bob attended as well as the cast of Comic Book Men, George Takei and other geek icons. I even got to meet and chat it up with Golden Age Marvel comic book staple Allen Bellman, he penciled many of the classic Captain America vol. 1 comics back in the 40′s when good ol’ capt used to fight Nazi’s. He also worked on golden age Iron Man, as well inking, writing and penciling many other titles such as The Human Torch, Sub Mariner and Young Allies all for Marvel Comics. I took the opportunity to pick up a signed print from him as well as some seasoned advice.

All in all…I got a great response from the people attending. Plenty of sales and support, not just from buyers. But also my friends who helped me work the booth at the con,honorable mention goes to: Bobby Chong photography/sales. My budd Matt on sales/event security/Resident Evil Special task force cosplay. Jackie/ who cosplayed as Kora from Legend of Kora and sold magnets for me. Last but not least, my wife Isela sales/snacks/bookings/<3. I left understanding and feeling what makes comic cons so great and why so many people attend over and over again.

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